Visual Aides & Graphic Organizers to guide your treatment planning during Phase 1 of EMDR Therapy. See Specifications for the full list of what's included.

History Taking Pack

    • The Phase 1 Visual Aides (8 Phases overview, Reprocessing Decision Tree, and Treatment Decision Roadmap)

    • List of Negative and Positive Cognitions, sorted by clinical theme

    • AIP History Taking Organizer - This form helps to identify the targets/memories that will go on your Target Sequence Plan and decide the approach approach for reprocessing

    • Case Conceptualization Organizer - This form helps you think like an EMDR therapist by getting a map of the clinical landscape and identifying what is needed for successful treatment planning

    • Target Sequence Planning Organizer - This helps you keep track of the identified memories for reprocessing, and helps you sort them by clinical theme to minimize the potential for looping

  • Workbook is a digital file (PDF) that may be printed for personal use or completed electronically with PDF fillable forms.  Document is 12 pages.

    * Purchase is good for 1 user.  NOT to be redistributed or shared to others.  See Terms of Service for full details.