Visual Aides & Graphic Organizers to help you stay on track during Phases 3-8 of EMDR Therapy. See Specifications for the full list of what's included.

Reprocessing Pack

    • Looping/Stuck Processing Cheat Sheet, which lists the interventions that you can use, from least invasive to most, to help facilitate adaptive information processing

    • Target Assessment Template - To help organize the 7 magic questions during Phase 3 of EMDR so you can prepare the memory to be worked on

    • Treatment Summary - To help you organize the status of the target you are working on at the end of your session, as well as keep track of relevant information about your client’s individual reprocessing needs and information that may need to be added to your Target Sequence Plan

    • Re-Evaluation Template - To use at the beginning of each session when working on an incomplete target.

  • Workbook is a digital file (PDF) that may be printed for personal use or completed electronically with PDF fillable forms. Document is 6 pages.

    * Purchase is good for 1 user.  NOT to be redistributed or shared to others. See Terms of Service for full details.