Checklists, Graphic Organizers and Scripts to ensure your clients as well resourced during Phase 2 of EMDR Therapy. See Specifications for the full list of what's included.

Resourcing Pack

    • The Resource Tracker - A Way for you to keep track of all identified resources in one convenient place.

    • Checklist for Reprocessing - A checklist to ensure that all necessary requirements were met before proceeding to the assessment and reprocessing of identified memories,

    • Installation of Positive Treatment Goal - This script is a combination of a Future Template and Anchoring the Positive Feeling State (AJ Popky’s DeTur protocol).  It is useful for clients with complex trauma who may need extended resourcing before focusing on traumatic material.

    • Installation of Emotion Regulation - This script is an adaption of Resource Development & Installation (Andrew Leeds) and is useful for clients who have difficulty with emotion regulation, which impacts their readiness for reprocessing

  • Workbook is a digital file (PDF) that may be printed for personal use or completed electronically with PDF fillable forms.  Document is 7 pages.

    * Purchase is good for 1 user.  NOT to be redistributed or shared to others. See Terms of Service for full details.