Information sheets and roadmaps to guide your decision making process for your EMDR Treatment Plans.  See Specifications for the full list of what's included.

Visual Aide Pack

    • An overview of the 8 Phases of EMDR
    • Reprocessing Decision Tree, which breaks down the difference between EMD, EMDr, and EMDR
    • Looping/Stuck Processing Cheat Sheet - Lists the interventions that you can use, from least intrusive to most, to help faciliate adaptive information processing during phase 4
    • Treatment Decision Roadmap - A roadmap to help you decide which method of reprocessing to use for your clients
  • Workbook is a digital file (PDF) that may be printed for personal use or completed electronically with PDF fillable forms.  Document is 6 pages.

    * Purchase is good for 1 user.  NOT to be redistributed or shared to others.  See Terms of Service for full details.