EMDR Therapist Case Consultation Groups

Consultation Groups for EMDR Trained Therapists

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​Case Consultation Groups are for Therapists who have already completed a minimum of basic training in EMDR Therapy.  Case Consultation Groups can count toward hours for EMDR Certification.  In addition to feedback on your individuals cases, groups may also cover:

  • Refreshers of EMDR Protocols and Procedures

  • Discussion of clinical cases

  • Assessing readiness for Phase 4 Reprocessing

  • How to treat Complex PTSD

  • Working with Dissociation

  • Access to helpful EMDR Forms and Documents

  • How to use technology to improve and enhance the EMDR process

  • ….and more…

EMDR Consultation Groups are held virtually via Zoom.   All consultees must complete registration via my client portal.


This portal will also keep track of your completed consultation hours, as well as grant you access to helpful EMDR Forms and Documents.

Where: Virtually via Zoom

Space is limited.  Contact us to find out more!


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