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EMDR Therapist Consultation Groups

EMDR Therapy Consultation Groups for EMDR Trained Therapists

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​Case Consultation Groups are for Therapists who have already completed a minimum of basic training in EMDR Therapy.  


Case Consultation Groups are offered as 4 different programs and run on a 10 month timeframe, from September to June. 


There is currently a waiting list for EMDR Therapy Consultation Groups with Dana Carretta-Stein. Fill out your information to be added to the waiting list for the next group launch.


There is currently a waiting list for upcoming EMDR Consultation Groups.

EMDR Certification Consultation Groups

For EMDR trained therapists who are seeking hours toward EMDRIA certification.

EMDR Consultant-in-Training (CIT) Groups

For EMDR Certified Therapists who wish to become EMDRIA Approved Consultants

Advanced EMDR Consultation Groups

For EMDR trained therapists who do not need hours for certification and want to learn more advanced skills as an EMDR Therapist beyond the standard protocol. Helpful for complex trauma cases.

EMDR Practice Building & Marketing Workshops

For those who want to focus on more business building and how to build their private practice


More about Dana Carretta-Stein, LMHC
EMDR Certified Therapist & EMDRIA Approved Consultant in Westchester, NY

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