The EMDR Therapy Progress Journal

An interactive guide to support you through the life changing process of EMDR Therapy and overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD and other trauma-related stressors for good.

EMDR Therapy is an amazing journey BUT it can feel very confusing when you don't know what to expect or how it all works.

Who is The EMDR Therapy Progress Journal for?
This book is for EVERYONE, especially those who are:

  • struggling with anxiety, depression and unhealed trauma and need hope for healing

  • curious about how EMDR therapy works and want to know more before getting started

  • ​currently engaged in your own EMDR Therapy with your therapist and need a guide to support your progress

  • ​an EMDR Therapist yourself looking for easier ways to explain how EMDR therapy works to your clients

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EMDR therapy progress journal

What's included?

Let's take out all the guesswork about EMDR Therapy!
This progress journal is broken down into three parts: so you get a full understanding of how EMDR therapy works and what to expect during the process, as well as logs, checklists, and writing prompts for you to stay actively engaged in the process. 

Part One: How it all works
In this section, we break down what to expect during EMDR therapy & how it works, understanding the 8 phases of EMDR, how to figure out if you're traumatized, what questions to ask your therapist, understanding how memories & the nervous system work, and the 8 common types of trauma responses.

Part TWO: All About You!
Now that you know how it all works, let's focus on YOU. This section includes self reflective worksheets to help define your goals for EMDR Therapy, as well as writing prompts to keep you on track so you can reach those goals.

Part THREE: Resources & Additional Info
This section includes answers to the most frequently asked questions about EMDR therapy, an EMDR Therapy Glossary, and additional references if you want to know even more about EMDR therapy!

Results from using The EMDR Therapy Progress Journal
You feel fully informed and at ease, confident in your ability to achieve your therapy goals, and successfully graduate from EMDR therapy.

Buy it on Amazon!
*Prices may vary according to retailer

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