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The EMDR Therapy Progress Journal

An interactive guide to support you through the life changing process of EMDR Therapy and overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD and other trauma-related stressors for good.

EMDR Therapy Workbook

EMDR Therapy and learning how to heal from trauma is an amazing journey BUT it can feel very confusing when you don't know what to expect or how it all works. 


Peek inside to see what's included!

Who is The EMDR Therapy Progress Journal for?

You do NOT need to be doing EMDR Therapy to

benefit from the information in this book!

This EMDR Therapy Information Book is for everyone,

including those who:

  • have been in therapy for years, have tried everything, but continue to feel stuck

  • struggle with PTSD/CPTSD, anxiety, depression and other symptoms of unhealed trauma and need hope for healing

  • curious about how EMDR therapy works but scared it may not work for them

  • ​currently in EMDR Therapy with their own therapist and need a guide to support their progress

  • ​EMDR Therapists looking for easier ways to explain how EMDR therapy works and help their clients stay on track and make progress

Peek inside!

Peek inside

Why should you get the EMDR Therapy Progress Journal?

Healing from Trauma does not have to be so confusing!
If you've struggled with anxiety, depression, PTSD or other symptoms of unresolved trauma, then this book is for you. The EMDR Therapy Progress Journal is broken down into three parts so you get a full understanding of how the trauma-informed approach is crucial for mental health, how EMDR therapy works, what to expect during the process, logs, checklists, and writing prompts for you to stay actively engaged in the process, and tons more resources and information!

Part One: How it all works
In this section, we break down what to expect during EMDR therapy & how it works, understanding the 8 phases of EMDR, how to figure out if you're traumatized, what questions to ask your therapist, understanding how memories & the nervous system work, and the 8 common types of trauma responses.

(The chapter on Understanding Your Nervous System is a must-read for anyone who struggles with anxiety, depression, or other mental health symptoms!)

Part TWO: All About You!
Now that you know how it all works, let's focus on YOU. Getting more in-tune with yourself is a huge part of the healing process. This section includes ways to get specific and focused on what healing looks like for you.  This includes self reflective worksheets to help define your goals for EMDR Therapy, charts and lists to help you stay organized and keep you on track, as well as writing prompts to enhance the EMDR therapy process.

Part THREE: Resources & Additional Info
This section includes answers to the most frequently asked questions about EMDR therapy, an EMDR Therapy Glossary, and additional references if you want to know even more about EMDR therapy!

Results from using The EMDR Therapy Progress Journal?
Any fears you have about healing from PTSD, anxiety, depression or a history of childhood trauma will be resolved just from reading Part 1! Once those fears are resolved, you'll feel confident in your ability to achieve your therapy goals, stay focused and on-track throughout the process, and finally feel the relief that you've been longing for.

Don't waste another second feeling stuck and unable to move forward. Grab your copy now and finally get your life back.

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You can also check out our other resources about EMDR therapy below!

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