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Deepen your skills & confidence as an EMDR Therapist

EMDR Therapy Consultation

Are you struggling to feel confident in your role as an EMDR Therapist and you need support?

Were you trained in EMDR a long time ago and you need a refresher on how to use this game changing therapy?

Are you seeking EMDR Certification as you grow your EMDR Therapy skills?

Do you have complex trauma cases where you need guidance on how to use EMDR successfully to help your clients?

Dana Carretta-Stein is sought out by EMDR Therapists all across the globe for her expertise on EMDR Therapy and treating individuals with complex and developmental trauma.

As an EMDRIA Certified EMDR therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Dana has used EMDR Therapy regularly in her practice for almost a decade.  She Dana loves working with both newly trained EMDR therapists, as well as seasoned EMDR Therapy Clinicians to support them in helping their clients achieve lasting success with EMDR Therapy.


Consultation is a great way to improve your confidence as an EMDR Therapist and get individualized feedback on your cases and is provided in both individual sessions or in group consultation format. 


Please note that Dana requires a minimum of 5 hours of consultation to be done with me if you are seeking recommendation for EMDRIA Certification.

Space is limited.  Apply for consultation below!

What to expect from working with an EMDR Therapy Approved Consultant

Every EMDR Consultant has their own area of expertise and approach to consultation. In addition the the standard EMDR Therapy Protocol & 3-Prong Approach, Dana Carretta-Stein specializes in:

  • attachment and developmental trauma

  • parenting

  • dissociative disorders

  • generational trauma

  • understanding the neurobiology of trauma

  • integrating Polyvagal Theory with EMDR Therapy

  • Complex Trauma/CPTSD

You can expect the following when working with Dana Carretta-Stein during Individual or Group EMDR Consultation

The Basics of EMDR Consultation

  • Proper application of the Standard EMDR Therapy Protocol using the 8-phase 3-Prong Approach

  • Assessing readiness for EMDR Reprocessing (phase 4 of EMDR Therapy)

  • How to write and organize an EMDR Treatment Plan (and adjust as needed)

  • Proper case conceptualization to help you automatically think like an EMDR Therapist with ease

  • The importance of resourcing (phase 2 of EMDR therapy)

  • How to successfully use interweaves during reprocessing

Beyond the Basics of EMDR Therapy 

  • Learning how to screen for dissociation using the MID (Multidimensional Inventory of Dissociation)

  • Understanding the neurobiology of trauma to improve your EMDR Case Conceptualization Skills

  • How to integrate parts work/ ego state work for your complex trauma clients

  • The difference in resourcing strategies for hypoarousal vs. hyperarousal

  • Integrating the Structural Dissociation model for Complex Trauma Clients

In addition to the standard protocol, Dana is also well versed in:
The Early Trauma Protocol
DeTur Protocol

Attachment Focused EMDR Therapy

The Structural Dissociation Model

...and more...


I currently provide EMDR Consultation to EMDR therapists all over the world. Consultation is available virtually for EMDR therapists via my online Tele-health system, in which you will receive access to my client portal.  


This portal will also give you access to my calendar, where you can self-schedule, as well as grant you access to helpful EMDR Therapy Forms and Documents.

Space is limited for EMDR Therapy Consultation.  Click the link below to apply.

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