Individual Consultation for EMDR Therapists

Grow your skills & confidence as an EMDR Therapist

Are you struggling to feel confident in your role as an EMDR Therapist and you need support?

Were you trained in EMDR a long time ago and you need a refresher on how to use this game changing therapy?

Did you recently complete EMDR Basic Training and you're looking for ongoing support as your grow your EMDR skills?

Do you have complex trauma cases where you need guidance on how to use EMDR successfully to help your clients?

I'm an EMDRIA Certified EMDR therapist, having used EMDR Therapy regularly in my practice for over 8 years.  

As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, I love working with other EMDR Therapists and help learn how to integrate EMDR Therapy into their daily practice.  Consultation is a great way to improve your confidence as an EMDR Therapist and get individualized feedback on your cases.  Consultant is provided for individual sessions or in group consultation format. 


Note that I require a minimum of 5 hours of consultation to be done with me if you are seeking recommendation for EMDRIA Certification.

Space is limited.  Contact me below to find out more.

What to expect from working with an EMDR Consultant

  • Refreshers of EMDR Protocols and Procedures

  • Consultation for your individualized cases

  • How to effectively use resourcing as part of the EMDR process

  • Increasing understanding of the Standard Protocol and 3 Prong Approach 

  • Access to helpful EMDR Forms and Documents

  • How to use technology to improve and enhance the EMDR process

  • ….and more…

EMDR Consultation sessions are available virtually for EMDR therapists everywhere via my online Tele-health system, in which you will receive access to my client portal.  


This portal will also give you access to my calendar, where you can self-schedule, if you wish, as well as grant you access to helpful EMDR Therapy Forms and Documents.

To schedule your consultation, contact me or sign up below through my client portal!