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Therapy Tools and Systems Recommended by an EMDR Therapist

As an EMDR therapist in private practice for over 10 years, I've invested time and finances on testing different apps, platforms and systems that can help both clients of trauma therapy, as well as therapists in private practice.

  I have personally tested all of these products myself before recommending them to ensure that they really work so you don't have to waste your own time or money doing your own research.

These devices and systems are designed to improve your emotional, mental and physical health, as well as help you manage as a therapist in private practice

While I do receive a very small commission for my recommendations (hey, a girl's gotta eat, right?!), I would recommend them regardless of if I receive commission or not.

Trust me, there are plenty of products I don't recommend, even though I would receive a commission from doing so, because building trust is the world of mental health and trauma informed healing is so important to me.

See what will work for you, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


One of my new favorite tools for improving anxiety and the health of your nervous system is The CalmiGo!

This awesome pocket-size device is the perfect size to throw in your bag or pocket to bring with you everywhere so you can access a feeling of calm whenever you need to. And it also comes with a relaxing scents to give you an extra boost of relaxation if you need!


Like with everything else in life, you get the best results for improving anxiety and rewiring your nervous system with a consistent, daily practice.


If you need to find something to add to your routine to overcome anxiety, get better results from EMDR Therapy, improve your emotion regulation skills, and rewire your nervous system, them definitely give it a try!!


Use code The_EMDR_COACH to get $30 off your order, or click the link below for your discount!

Sensate is a sensory device that uses sound AND vibration to decrease activation in your body's fight or flight response and increase a sense of calm, by targetting the vagus nerve, which is a crucial component in the functioning of your body's nervous system.

Use code: PEACEFULLIVING for $25 off each purchase.


Touchpoints are a great way to administer bilateral stimulation (BLS) during your EMDR therapy sessions. AND clients can purchase their own pair to use at home for stabilization in between sessions. 

Individuals who use touchpoints report a 74% reduction of the SUD during their EMDR processing sessions.



Muse is a brain wave sensing headband, using the principles of neurofeedback.  It's perfect for those who swear that they "can't" meditate, since it gives you real time feedback on your meditation practice. 


I love using MUSE as part of the EMDR Therapy process.  Muse is a great tool to prepare the nervous system for phases 4-6 of EMDR by promote stabilization and awareness. 

Use the link provided or code THEEMDRCOACH to get 15% off your Muse Headband purchase.

welltory app for nervous system health

Welltory is an app I literally use every single day. Welltory is a personalized health app that uses cardiointervalography to analyze heart rate variability, which reflects the state of a person’s sympathetic a parasympathetic nervous systems.

It gives real-time feedback on the current state of your health and overall functioning level of your nervous system, and gives recommendations based on your results.

I love it because it helps provide insight into how things affect you, even if you don't think those things are causing you undue stress!


Simple Practice is my go-to EHR for therapists when it comes to running and automating my entire private therapy practice online. 


Simple Practice includes a secure client portal, HIPAA compliant Telehealth system, billing management and documentation.


It's perfect for solo practitioners or group practices who want to spend more time seeing clients and less time doing paperwork. The superbill automations and credit card on file features are my favorite!

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