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The EMDR Coach Treatment Planning Worksheets

Reuseable EMDR Therapy Worksheets for EMDR Therapists

Do you often feel confused, overwhelmed and lost using EMDR Therapy in your work as a psychotherapist? 

You completed the basic training, felt so excited to start using EMDR with your clients, but the thought that you "won't do it right" and feelings of doubt got in your way. After all, you became a therapist to help people, but you're terrified that you'll cause more harm than good.

You wish you had something tangible that could help you organize and effectively conceptualize your cases to create an easy-to-follow EMDR treatment plan.

EMDR Therapy Worksheets

THE EMDR COACH TREATMENT PLANNING WORKSHEETS are designed to support you from start to finish, from Phases 1 to 8 in EMDR Therapy, for ALL of your EMDR Therapy clients.

These reuse-able EMDR Worksheets were created to help therapists like you get organized,  strengthen your ability to think like an EMDR Therapist and feel more confident using this life-changing approach to trauma therapy.

These EMDR worksheets will help keep your treatment plan clean and focused by using a combination of visual aides, graphic organizers, checklists and scripts. 

Why invest in The EMDR Coach Treatment Planning Worksheets?
Keeping everything organized as an EMDR Therapist can feel overwhelming!  These reuse-able worksheets can be used again and again with all your current and future EMDR Therapy clients so you have an organized and easy-to-follow treatment plan for everyone.

Once you start using the EMDR Coach Treatment Planning templates, your confidence as an EMDR Therapist begins to take off, you start trusting your own clinical judgement, and you help your clients make steady progress toward their treatment goals.

Take a look at the different worksheets available below and see which one matches your needs the best.  Or purchase The Complete Set! and save over $40.

This one-time purchase can help you again and again with all of your EMDR Therapy clients.  Investing in yourself helps you so you can better help your clients.

Check out our best seller, The Complete Setor view other EMDR Therapy Worksheets available for individual purchase.

Complete Set
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