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What are the levels of training for being an EMDR Therapist?

There's a lot of confusing information out there when it comes to finding the right EMDR Therapist or what the different levels of being an EMDR Therapist are.

Let's simplify things by breaking down the different levels of expertise, as defined by EMDRIA, the EMDR International Association.

(There are several different EMDR Organizations, so it's always best to check with the EMDR Organization that is most closely associated with your region.)

EMDR Trained

An EMDR Trained therapist has completed Levels 1 and 2 of Basic Training (totaling 50 hours of training) and 10 hours of consultation with an EMDR Approved Consultant

EMDR Certified

To be Certified EMDR therapist, you have to:

  • Have 2 or more years of experience in your field of psychotherapy

  • Complete at least 50 sessions of EMDR therapy with a minimum of 25 clients

  • Complete 20 additional hours of consultation from an EMDRIA Approved Consultant (10 of these hours must be individual, the other 10 can be individual or group)

  • Complete at least 12 hours of continuing education on the use of EMDR Therapy

  • Have 1 or more letters from the EMDR Consultants that you have worked with

  • Have 2 letters of recommendation from colleagues/peers that reference your professional utilization of EMDR, ethics in practice, and professional character.

EMDR Consultant in Training

A consultant-in-training has completed all the requirements of certification and is currently providing consultation to other EMDR therapists, under the supervision of another EMDR Approved Consultant. Being a consultant-in-training is a choice that some EMDR Therapists take because not only does it help them to further help and support other EMDR therapists, it also helps them deepen their skills and practice with EMDR Therapy.

In order to be a consultant-in-training, an EMDR Therapist must currently have an active EMDR certification and complete the Consultant-in-Training declaration form, available on the EMDRIA website.

EMDR Approved Consultant

An EMDR Approved Consultant is an EMDR Therapist who has additional training and experience and is able to give consultation to other EMDR therapists to help them master and integrate EMDR therapy into their psychotherapy practice.

To be an EMDR Consultant through EMDRIA, a consultant must meet the following criteria:

  • have a valid license to practice as a mental health professional

  • have 3 years of experience conducting EMDR therapy after EMDR Basic Training has been completed

  • have completed at least 300 EMDR Therapy sessions with at least 75 clients

  • received a minimum of 20 hours of consultation-of-consultation with another EMDR Approved Consultant.

  • Letters of recommendation from their EMDR Consultants

  • 2 letters of recommendation from colleagues or peers, attesting to their competency as an EMDR Therapist and their consultation abilities

  • Completion of 12 EMDRIA Continuing Education Credits (CEs)

EMDR Trainer/Facilitator

Facilitators/Trainers are those who provide instruction, support and share their vast knowledge with those who are on their EMDR training journey. Different training organizations have different requirements for becoming a facilitator/trainer, so if this is a path you're seeking, find out more specifics from the training organization that you will be working with!

Whatever path you seek, being an EMDR Therapist is a rewarding and fulfilling career. Helping individuals overcome traumatic life experiences and find relief from anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc., is a rewarding joy like no other.


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photo of Dana Carretta-Stein
Dana Carretta-Stein, EMDR Approved Consultant

Dana Carretta-Stein is a licensed mental health counselor, EMDR Certified Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant. She is sought out by EMDR Therapists all across the globe for her expertise on EMDR Therapy. Dana is passionate at helping other EMDR Therapists feel empowered and more confident in using EMDR effectively with their clients.

Dana is the author and creator of The EMDR Therapy Treatment Planning Templates, as well as The EMDR Therapy Progress Journal, both which help clients and therapists alike maximize the benefits of EMDR Therapy.

Dana is also the owner of Peaceful Living Mental Health Counseling, a trauma informed counseling practice in Scarsdale, NY, where she has put together a team of compassionate and skilled EMDR Therapists. Dana is passionate about the importance of trauma informed care and the effect it has on emotional, physical and mental well-being. She loves to learn about and educate others on compassionate, evidence-based, and effective counseling interventions to help individuals of all ages achieve fulfilling relationships and optimal wellness.


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