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The Parts Work Graphic Organizer is a template that is designed to help EMDR therapists to organize and conceptualize trauma informed ego states therapy within the EMDR Therapy Framework.


In cases of complex trauma, differing ego states can sometimes carry their own set of memory networks, each with their own belief systems, emotions and sensations.


Using this graphic organizer can help in multiple ways:

1) It can help to facilitate co-consciousness in complex trauma, which helps break down dissociative barriers that may interfere with processing.

2) It can help inform the therapist about what interventions/interweaves to use if processing becomes stuck during phase 4 of EMDR Therapy.

3) It helps to promote a client’s awareness of their own parts and increase awareness of how the past is affecting their present

4) It helps the client to become more aware and strengthen their adult self by increasing their awareness of their other parts and when they take over (get triggered)

Parts Work Graphic Organizer

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  • *This is not included in the EMDR Coach Treatment Planning Complete Set*

    Document is a digital file (PDF) that may be printed for personal use.

    * Purchase is good for 1 user and is not to be distributed or shared with others. Individuals who willfully distribute copies will be committing copyright infringement, a federal crime, and subject to prosecution. 

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