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To build a successful private practice and confidence as an EMDR therapist, it's helpful to have the right tools in place that can help automate and systematize your practice.
I only recommend systems and program I have personally used and can vouch for.
If you’re looking for ways to work less on the day-to-day, so you can focus on providing competent EMDR therapy, these systems may be for you.


Simple Practice is my go-to EHR for running and automating my entire practice online.  Simple Practice includes a secure client portal, HIPAA compliant Telehealth system, billing management and documentation. It's perfect for solo practitioners or group practices who want to spend more time seeing clients and less time doing paperwork. The superbill automations and credit card on file features are my favorite!


If you're an EMDR therapist and you need a wireless way to use BLS, EMDRkit is the best.  It offers all bluetooth enabled features, including a lightbar, tappers and headphones.  I have had mine for over 3 years and it still works great with no issues!

I also easily use it for my Virtual EMDR sessions by just popping the lightbar right in front of my camera.


Touchpoints are a great way to administer bilateral stimulation (BLS) during your EMDR therapy sessions. AND clients can purchase their own pair to use at home for stabilization in between sessions. 

Individuals who use touchpoints report a 74% reduction of the SUD during their EMDR processing sessions.


Muse is a brain wave sensing headband, using the principles of neurofeedback.  It's perfect for those who swear that they "can't" meditate, since it gives you real time feedback on your meditation practice. 


I love using MUSE as part of the EMDR Therapy process.  Muse is a great tool to prepare the nervous system for phases 4-6 of EMDR by promote stabilization and awareness. 

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