To build a successful private practice, it's helpful to have the right tools in place that can help automate and systematize your practice.


I only recommend systems and program I have personally used and can vouch for.


If you’re looking for ways to work less on the day-to-day, so you can focus on providing client services, these systems may be for you.

Simple Practice is my go-to EHR for running and automating my entire practice online.  Simple Practice includes a secure client portal, HIPAA compliant Telehealth system, billing management and documentation. It's perfect for solo practitioners or group practices who want to spend more time seeing clients and less time doing paperwork. The superbill automations and credit card on file features are my favorite!

Wix is the perfect solution for the DIY therapist that wants to easily create and manage their own website.  With drag and drop features, it's super easy to create a website that matches your vision.  No coding experience required! The marketing integrations, including email marketing and blogging, make it easy to have all your marketing communication in one place. The email automations make it fool proof to stay connected with your audience without having to go near your computer.

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system, so you can have a designated professional line, without the added bulk of another phone.  It includes additional extensions, if you want to grow your practice, as well as texting and visual voicemail, so you practice line can be connected to you wherever you are

Quickbooks Online is your all-in-one solution to manage all your accounting in one place.  It allows you to easily categorize your expenses, as well as easily send invoices and track payments.  The online feature also allows your accountant to easily view your reports, so you spend less time looking at numbers and more time seeing your clients.

Muse is a brain wave sensing headband, using the principles of neurofeedback.  It's perfect for those who swear that they "can't" meditate, since it gives you real time feedback on your meditation practice.  I sometimes use it as part of the EMDR process, to promote stabilization and calming. 

Ever watch videos on social media and wonder, "how did they add captions to that?" The answer is Zubtitle.  This is perfect for the therapist that's all about using social media to connect with their audience.  Zubtitle will add subtitles to you videos, which will increase your engagement on your posts.  They also send transcripts of your videos so you can easily convert into a blog post!

use code XON256 when you sign up!

If you're an EMDR therapist and you need a wireless way to use BLS, EMDRkit is the best.  It offers all bluetooth enabled features, including a lightbar, tappers and headphones.  I have had mine for over 3 years and it still works great with no issues!

Staying up to date and relevant with your social media is a job in and of itself.  Meet Edgar makes it easy to find content and continuously post information that supports what you & your practice represent.

As your practice grows, delegation is key to helping you maintain and sustain that growth.  Fiverr is a great website with access to thousands of freelancers for anything you may need help with, including guest writers for blog posts, website design, logo design, accounting help, etc.

*Disclaimer: While I do receive a small commission for these recommendations, I would recommend them regardless!

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