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Where can I find an EMDR Therapist Near Me?

blog title how do I find an EMDR therapist near me

One of the most common questions I get asked is "where can I find an EMDR Therapist near me?"

If you live in New York, Florida, Connecticut or New Jersey, then one of the amazing licensed EMDR Therapists on my team can definitely help if you'd like to set a free 15 minute consult.

Finding a therapist whom you are comfortable with AND who challenges you to grow can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Then, tack on that you want someone who is trained in EMDR Therapy specifically, and it can feel even more challenging.

Here are some quick tips to help you get connected with a skilled EMDR Therapist near you.

1. Google "EMDR Therapist Near Me"

When in doubt, google it! Google has some pretty impressive ways to make sure that what you're specifically looking for shows up at the top pages of google (minus the sponsored ads). This is all thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So when you type in "EMDR Therapist Near Me" (and your location is turned on on your phone or computer), google will show you the top results for EMDR Therapists in your area.

From there, you can browse different EMDR therapist's websites, view their specialities, and see if what you're reading resonates with you. If it does, give them a call! Most therapists offer a free consultation so you can both get a sense if you will work well together.

Side Note: Not every therapist has a website or is great at SEO to help their website show up on Google. (This is something besides EMDR Therapy that I'm obsessed with - it's good to have other hobbies, right?!)

2. - The Directory for the EMDR International Association

EMDRIA is the EMDR Therapy International Association. They hold high standards for the clinical application of EMDR Therapy and have a directory for EMDR Therapists who are members of their organization.

Will every EMDR therapist be on EMDRIA's directory? No. But EMDRIA is very highly regarded by most EMDR Professionals in the field, so it is definitely one of the better places to find an EMDR therapist near you.

It also has filter options so you can select your location, whether or not the therapist is EMDR Certified vs Trained, what population they work with, and what their specialties are.

Other honorable mentions for places to find an EMDR Therapist near you include:

  • Parnell Institute Directory

  • Mailberger Institute Directory

  • Psychology Today

Tips for finding the right EMDR Therapist:

  • Make sure they specialize in what you want help with (eating disorders, dissociation, addiction, childhood trauma, first responders, etc.) There are many specialities within EMDR therapy, so just because someone is trained in EMDR doesn't necessarily mean they have the advanced trainings necessary to help you.

  • Make sure they have completed a legitimate EMDR training

  • Deciding if you want someone in person or virtually

If you're not sure what to ask during a consultation with an EMDR Therapist, click here for 5 Questions to Ask an EMDR Therapist.

It can take time and patience when trying to find the right EMDR Therapist near you. Hopefully these tips help to pointing you in the right direction so you can get started on your healing journey!

dana carretta-stein, emdr therapist in scarsdale, ny

About Dana Carretta-Stein

Dana Carretta-Stein is a licensed mental health counselor and owner of Peaceful Living Mental Health Counseling, a trauma informed counseling practice in Scarsdale, NY. Dana is passionate about the importance of trauma informed care and the effect it has on emotional, physical and mental well-being. She loves to learn about and educate others on compassionate, evidence-based, and effective counseling interventions to help individuals of all ages achieve fulfilling relationships and optimal wellness.

Dana is a specialist and avid enthusiast of EMDR Therapy, one of the most effective evidenced based treatments for trauma, and uses it regularly in her practice. As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, she provides consultation to other EMDR therapists to help them enhance their learning, confidence and skills as an EMDR Therapist.

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